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Google Study: How Emotions Affect Searches

Google, along with Kantar and Verto Analytics, surveyed 4,000 people in the US to build a connection between consumer needs and their search queries.

How Machine Learning helps businesses find customers. The future that has arrived

We at the Locomotive Media Group see every day on all our projects how machine learning has taken audience segmentation to a new level...

Consumer trends that will shape the retail market

In these challenging times, consumer preferences are constantly changing. The Locomotive Media Group has identified TOP-3 service options from the GlobalWebIndex study, which ...

4 factors directly influence the volume of sales in online retail

E-commerce in Ukraine is experiencing a real explosive growth, and the pandemic has only served as an additional impetus to the development of online commerce. As PayPal CEO Dan Shulman noted...

E-commerce 2.0: how emotions affect sales

Product selection is always an emotional rather than a rational process. How to guess the hidden motives of potential buyers? Google, Kantar and Verto Analytics have determined that it is enough to analyze search queries...

Business will never be the same again: how to play by the new rules

2020 has been a turning point for businesses. The coronavirus crisis has accelerated the shift to online and upended traditional marketing thinking. What's happening in the e-commerce market and how to adapt to change, according to a new Google study...

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Business in a Pandemic: Google's Recipe

The coronavirus lockdown has seriously changed buying behavior. Having discovered online shopping, most consumers are in no hurry to return to offline stores even after quarantine is relaxed. Under these conditions, the main showcase of a retail company is a website on the Internet.

Does not need advertising. And in 2021, SEO still remains the main and defining tool for business promotion.

You can spend endless budgets on paid advertising, but without competent search promotion, your business will be like a castle in the sand, which will have to be rebuilt after each wave of the crisis. Why SEO remains a key promotion channel in the era of the “new normal”, was sorted out by the Locomotive Media Group.

Media Group Lokomotiv: there is no more traditional commerce

The Locomotive Media Group shared several important insights, emphasizing: “We only have the facts, and everyone will draw their own conclusions.”



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