SEO case: website of the dental clinic – there can be only one leader
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Number of requests in TOP 3


Number of requests in TOP 10


Growing organic traffic

Situation / Issues

This project has a rather specific theme - medical services and the Ukrainian language of promotion. The difficulty in promoting this project is Google's “Your Money Your Life” algorithm, which carefully “selects” sites according to the quality and relevance of content for the user. Since the site is positioned as the "face" of the doctor and clinic, the development of content and metadata required extreme care and understanding of the topic. Before publication, each text was proofread and corrected in detail by the client, which took time and delayed the result.



The main SEO strategy was built on internal optimization of the site to the requirements of the Google search engine and focused on promoting high-frequency and medium-frequency queries.


Marketing challenge

To ensure the status of the leader on the Internet in the segment of dental services in the city of Kyiv and individual districts.

Increase the number of hits with organic referrals.

Improve awareness for the target audience.


SEO task

Increased traffic and appeals - the target audience is the Kyiv region and individual areas where the clinic is located.

Increase in the target audience.

Growth of positions of conversion queries in the Google TOP.



The project has taken a leading position in its niche.

Dynamics of traffic for the period of work with the site

Graph of the growth of positions in the TOP 3 Google for the reporting period

Graph of the growth of positions in the TOP 10 Google for the reporting period

Example of query growth dynamics

  • Requests Frequency Position
  • dentistry from a to z 260 2
  • clinic dentistry 110 3
  • dental clinic 110 1
  • dental treatment under general anesthesia 70 1
  • dentures on suction cups price Kyiv 70 2
  • dental ceramics price 50 3
  • children's dentistry 40 1
  • stomat clinic 40 1
  • obolon dental clinic 30 2
  • plastic crowns 30 1

List of completed works (only a part is presented)

  • Conducted a full technical audit of the site.
  • Prepared TOR to correct the main technical errors and shortcomings that hindered the progress of the project.
  • Wrote technical specifications to eliminate errors in the HTML code that blurred the relevance of pages.
  • Prepared TOR for eliminating errors in the mobile version of the site.
  • We developed a solution to improve the indexing of the project.
  • Collected a new semantic core (including the districts of Kyiv).
  • Conducted a market analysis, on the basis of which new categories were added that correspond to the customer's product matrix.
  • Changed the metadata according to the new semantic core.
  • Carried out work to fill the promoted pages of the site with unique content (including the development of the blog).
  • Worked out the information structure of the project to cover targeted low-frequency and medium-frequency traffic
  • Prepared blocks TOP Menu, TOP Categories to increase indexing, anchor relevance of the project and speed up results
  • Worked on increasing the link mass to increase the link weight and improve page indexing.
  • We implemented an iterative tightening based on the constant growth of positions.


Further work or afterword

The customized approach to the project provided more than a threefold increase in traffic on the project, increased sales of services and secured a leading position in its segment. Opportunities for growth in relevant commercial traffic and positions are far from exhausted.

Further work is aimed at bringing TOP 3 to the leading positions and further growth of commercial and information traffic in order to increase sales.



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