SEO case: army online store promotion - PANCER PROTECTION - from TOP 100 to market leaders
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Number of requests in TOP 3


Number of requests in TOP 3


Growing organic traffic

Situation / Issues

Initially, the project came to us with basic SEO results. The main request pool concentrated from tenth to thirtieth position. Also, the main traffic came from low-converting requests Due to the peculiarities of the chosen strategy, the potential of the site was realized by 7-10%


Marketing challenge

Increase the number of orders from the site.

Increase absolute and relative sales metrics.

Increase sales conversion by 15%.


SEO task

Display the main block of conversion requests in the TOP 10 Google.

Cover 30% of the existing target audience of this market.

Getting a leading position in Google issuance in your niche.



The site has taken a leading position in its market.

Dynamics of traffic for the period of work with the site

Graph of the growth of positions in the TOP 3 Google for the reporting period

Graph of the growth of positions in the TOP 10 Google for the reporting period

Example of query growth dynamics

  • Requests Frequency Position
  • military trade 60500 7
  • buy body armor 14800 4
  • buy body armor Kyiv 1000 3
  • buy body armor in Ukraine 390 1
  • stun guns 5400 2
  • shocker 3600 3
  • buy a stun gun 2400 4
  • class 5 body armor 2900 1
  • class 5 body armor 2900 1
  • class 5 body armor buy 390 1

Solution (only some works are presented)

The main SEO strategy was built on bringing the internal optimization of the site to the requirements of the Google search engine and focused on promoting high-frequency and medium-frequency queries.

  • Created a marketing strategy for website promotion;
  • Conducted a full technical analysis of the project;
  • Collected a new semantic core;
  • Collected an additional semantic core for new brands;
  • Metadata were worked out according to the new semantic core and high-frequency n-grams;
  • Prepared TOR for fixing errors that have a negative impact on the promotion of the site in search results;
  • Implemented TOR to eliminate errors in the HTML code that blurred the relevance of pages;
  • Formed TOR for elimination of duplicate pages;
  • Developed a strategy to improve project indexing;
  • Carried out work to increase the link mass to increase the link weight and improve page indexing;
  • Implemented TOR for the implementation of the tag cloud;
  • Developed and implemented terms of reference for the SEO cocoon;
  • Developed and implemented terms of reference for "Quick Search" to increase anchor relevance and additional relinking on the site;
  • Developed recommendations for further promotion.


Further work or afterword

Comprehensive work on SEO-optimization made it possible to raise positions in search results in the TOP. The consequence of this was the attraction of a large number of unique visitors from organic search results, an increase in sales, as well as a consistently high growth dynamics of all indicators.

Further work is aimed at building up the domain characteristics of the project, optimizing product cards and displaying information requests in the TOP to cover information traffic that can lead the user to the site and perform a targeted action.


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