SEO case: an online store of electrical goods and power tools - the path to success

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Number of requests in TOP 3


Number of requests in TOP 10


Growing organic traffic

Situation / Issues

At the time of the start of cooperation, the project had basic SEO optimization, but this did not bring results. Also, they have been using contextual advertising for a long time. There were problems with the contextual part of the project, such as the presence of non-unique content on the site (product descriptions). Pages not optimized by meta tags. This situation affected the speed of obtaining the first results.


Marketing challenge

Increase the number of orders.

Improving the positioning of your project in the market.

Increase the number of conversions on the site.


SEO task

Increase search traffic to the site for a wide range of queries, which will then be converted.

Increase in the target audience.

Growth of positions of conversion queries in the Google TOP.

Growth of positions of conversion queries in the Google TOP.



According to the project electro-market.com.ua, a stable dynamics of positions and traffic growth is ensured.

Dynamics of traffic for the period of work with the site

Graph of the growth of positions in the TOP 3 Google for the reporting period

Graph of the growth of positions in the TOP 10 Google for the reporting period

Example of query growth dynamics

  • Requests Frequency Position
  • buy electrical goods 30 1
  • electrical goods 5400 2
  • electrical goods Kyiv 320 2
  • incandescent light bulb 170 3
  • halogen lamp 260 2
  • buy halogen lamps 250 3
  • spotlights buy Kyiv 50 2
  • buy spotlights 100 2
  • fluorescent lamps 170 3
  • buy fluorescent lamp 30 2

Solution (only some works are presented)

The main SEO strategy was built on bringing the internal optimization of the site to the requirements of the Google search engine and focused on promoting high-frequency and medium-frequency queries.

  • Conducted a full technical audit of the site.
  • Prepared TOR for bug fixes and implementation on the site by the client's developers.
  • Wrote technical specifications to eliminate errors in the HTML code that blurred the relevance of pages.
  • Formed TOR for elimination of duplicate pages.
  • We developed a solution to improve the indexing of the project.
  • We developed a solution to improve the indexing of the project.
  • Conducted a market analysis, on the basis of which new categories were added that correspond to the customer's product matrix.
  • Changed the metadata according to the new semantic core.
  • Created new city filters to cover all low-frequency regional queries
  • Worked on increasing the link mass to increase the link weight and improve page indexing.
  • We implemented an iterative tightening based on the constant growth of positions.


Further work or afterword

The main result that pleasantly impressed the client was the growth of site visitors and sales. It was achieved due to the fact that we chose the right promotion strategy and correctly implemented it. For a period of 3 months, the project took off into the TOP.

Opportunities for growth in relevant commercial traffic and positions are far from exhausted.

Further work is aimed at bringing to the leading positions TOP 3.


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