SEO-case: online store of upholstered furniture - divan.com.ua - we bring it to the TOP of results

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Number of requests in TOP 3


Number of requests in TOP 10


Growing organic traffic

Situation / Issues

The client initially came to us with good positions and this is a real challenge for an SEO company. We needed not just to apply some standard primary solutions, but to conduct a detailed in-depth analysis of all pages of the site, track the dynamics and, as a result, prepare a set of actions that will lead to a positive increase in positions and traffic and at the same time will not negatively affect the results already obtained.



When drawing up the strategy, we initially carefully studied the project, evaluated the implementations that had been carried out before, looked at the growth dynamics. Only after that we compiled a list of tasks that would not spam the pages of the site, adding useful blocks, both for the Google search engine and for the user.

Additionally, we worked out regional and information queries to cover all organic traffic in full and thereby increase the number of conversions and increase user confidence in the project.


Marketing challenge

Increase market share in upholstered furniture.

Ensure the position of the leader in the segment.

Increase the number of conversions.


SEO task

Increase the number of keywords in the TOP 30, then move these keys to the TOP 1-10.

Bring the project to the TOP for regional queries and cover regional traffic in this niche.



Online store divan.com.ua has taken a leading position in its market.

Dynamics of traffic for the period of work with the site

Graph of the growth of positions in the TOP 3 Google for the reporting period

Graph of the growth of positions in the TOP 10 Google for the reporting period

Example of query growth dynamics

  • Requests Frequency Position
  • corner sofa 12100 3
  • sofa buy Kyiv 9900 1
  • corner sofa 8100 3
  • buy sofa cheap 5400 3
  • sofa in the kitchen 5400 3
  • folding sofa 4400 3
  • buy a sofa Kharkiv 2900 1
  • sofas Odessa 2400 2
  • sofas accordion 1900 2
  • buy a corner sofa 1900 1

List of completed works (only a part is presented)

  • The main emphasis was placed on internal optimization, namely on the promotion of high-frequency and mid-frequency queries.
  • All possible search queries related to this topic have been collected, for which relevant pages have been formed.
  • Based on market demand, new categories were formed.
  • The meta tags have been adjusted taking into account the new semantic core.
  • Fixed technical errors that hinder the indexing of the site and the interpretation of its content by the search engine.
  • Terms of reference were developed to improve the indexing of the project, namely the filter pages and product cards.
  • Text generation formulas have been implemented on pages with low traffic potential.
  • All priority catalogs, filter pages and product cards were filled with content.
  • Increased the information content of the pages by displaying additional content blocks on them.
  • The terms of reference for the formation of a tag cloud have been implemented to increase the spam of LF and MF requests at the domain level.
  • TK TOP Cards was developed to increase the indexation of product cards, which helped to promote requests to the TOP RF.
  • Increased the reference mass according to the new strategy.
  • Implemented an iterative tightening of the results for high-frequency queries.

Further work or afterword

Further work is aimed at bringing the most conversion requests to the TOP 3. Also, we will work out more low- and mid-frequency requests. To do this, we will uniqueize product cards, collect all regional and information requests. This will help you fully capture the potential to attract traffic, increase the number of conversions and increase user confidence in the project.



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